Fichier de configuration de PHP-Syslog-NG

De PedroWiki
define('PAGETITLE', 'Php-Syslog-NG' );
define('VERSION', '2.9.8');
define('COUNT_ROWS', TRUE);
define('DEFAULTLOGTABLE', 'logs');
define('MERGELOGTABLE', 'all_logs');
define('USETABLE', DEFAULTLOGTABLE); // This tells the main page to calculate hostcount based on  "all_logs" or "logs" 
define('DBUSER', 'sysloguser');
define('DBUSERPW', '*********');
define('DBADMIN', 'syslogadmin');
define('DBADMINPW', '*********');
define('DBNAME', 'syslog');
define('DBHOST', 'localhost');
define('DBPORT', '3306');
define('AUTHTABLENAME', 'users');
define('SESSION_EXP_TIME', '3600');
define('TAIL_REFRESH_SECONDS', '25');
define('USE_ACL', TRUE);
define('USER_ACCESS_TABLE', 'user_access');
define('ACTION_TABLE', 'actions');
define('USE_CACHE', TRUE);
define('CACHETABLENAME', 'search_cache');
define('SITEADMIN', 'admin');
define('SITENAME', 'INSA - Logs Centralisés');
define('ADMINEMAIL', '');
define('CEMDB', 'OFF');
define('CISCO_ERROR_TABLE', 'cemdb');
define('DEBUG', '0');
define('SITEURL', '/');
$regExpArray = array(
 		   	// "username"=>"(^\w{4,}\$)",
		   	// Cdukes - 05/10/08: Modified username to allow email address as username
		   	// This is an enhancement change for
		   	"username" => "(^[A-Za-z_.@]{4,}\$)",
 			// BPK added program to orderby filter
			/* BEGIN: changes by BPK to allow for regexp matching, lists of hosts, and  programs
			/* END: changes by BPK to allow for regexp matching, lists of hosts, and programs */
		   	// Cdukes - 05/10/08: Below is an enhancement addition for SqueezeDB duplicate searching
// CDUKES - BEGIN jpgraph Addon

// Enable Graphing
define('JPG_GRAPHS', 'ON');
// Make sure this directory exists and has write permission
define('IMG_CACHE_DIR', 'jpcache/');

// Enable Daily Graph in dropdown on main page
define('JPG_DAILY', 'ON');
// Enable Weekly Graph in dropdown on main page
define('JPG_WEEKLY', 'ON');
// Enable Monthly Graph in dropdown on main page
define('JPG_MONTHLY', 'ON');
// Enable Overall Statistics Graph on main page (This will slow down main page rendering)
define('JPG_MAIN', 'OFF'); // Not implemented yet

// CDUKES - END jpgraph Addon
// CDUKES - Begin LDAP Addon
define('LOGIN_URL', SITEURL . "login.php");
define('LOGOUT_URL', SITEURL . "logout.php");
define('INDEX_URL', SITEURL . "index.php");
define('LDAP_ENABLE', "NO");
define('LDAP_SRV', "");
define('LDAP_BASE_DN', "ou=active, ou=employees, ou=people,");
// variable to search for user (container name) - in my case, this is "uid", but normally it is "cn"
define('LDAP_CN', "uid");
// if using MS Active Directory, put it to "sAMAccountName"
// define('LDAP_CN', "sAMAccountName");
// Set to Yes if using MS Active Directory for Authentication
define('LDAP_MSAD', "NO");
// Required when if LDAP_MSAD set to YES and using MS Active Directory, ex.
define('LDAP_DOMAIN', "");
// privilege levels for editing records 
// (not implemented yet - this will be used to define RW and RO groups from LDAP)
// use privilege level authentication for record editing?
define  ('LDAP_USEPRIV', 'OFF');
// if USEPRIV is enabled, what LDAP group name is the "privileged" group?
define  ('LDAP_RW_GROUP', 'admin');
define  ('LDAP_RO_GROUP', 'users');

// cdukes - I added this just in case someone felt generous
// If you don't want it on the menu bar, just disable it here :-)
define  ('PAYPAL_ENABLE', 'YES');
// CDUKES - Just a simple addition for my demo site at
define  ('DEMO', FALSE);
// Cdukes - 05/10/08: WEBBASIC_ENABLE
// This is an enhancement change for
// Cdukes - 05/10/08: SQZ_ENABLED
// This is an enhancement change for SqueezeDB functionality